Android Realm with ViewModel

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Developing website with Vue.js

Vue (pronounced /vjuː/, like view) is an open-source, progressive Javascript framework for building user interfaces that aim to be incrementally adoptable. It is lightweight and […] Read More

Android clean App with MVP, Dagger2, RxJava and Retrofit

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Update Let’s Encrypt on NGINX server

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Javascript with Android WebView

A sample application of how to use Javascript with Android WebView. You can find the source code from GitHub repository.

Android Communication Over Bluetooth

Working with Bluetooth is always fun. Nowadays Bluetooth printer gets huge popularity in case of sales product. That’s another topic. But today we will learn […] Read More

Swift – Optionals

The most important and fundamental part of swift is Optional. An optional in Swift is a type that can hold either a value or no […] Read More

Swift – Dictionary

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Working with Retrofit 2

Retrofit is a smart and powerful type-safe REST client to interact with APIs and sending network requests for Android and JAVA by Square, Inc. It provides […] Read More

Working with Android RecyclerView and CardView

Nowadays in Android RecyclerView is one of the most advanced ViewGroup to render an adapter-based view by replacing ListView and GridView. Combining with CardView it […] Read More